Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Ducted Heating & Evaporative Cooler Cleaning across Melbourne

We are in duct cleaning services from last 10 years business was originally started with local suburbs and then we started SK Cleaning Services business in 2005  we provide services in every Suburb across Victoria and our rates are cheap.

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

  1. Inspect all Duct work pipes, return vent motor etc.
  2. Power On all the ducts to find if there is any Duct Air blockage.
  3. Find out reason why if there is bad odor or smell in the house
  4. Our Professional Duct Cleaning Melbourne clean all the duct vents
  5. Ceiling or Floor duct cleaning including cleaning all vents and pipes
  6. Removal of any dead rodent cause of blockage of air duct flow and bad odor & smell
  7. Repair of Duct if duct pipes or broken or leaked
  8. Duct Unit Serviced if required, please note duct cleaning price does not include unit servicing.
  9. Return Duct Vent Cleaning
  10. Duct Sensitising & Deodorising
  11. Carbon Oxide testing to determine if your duct unit need servicing, if your duct unit not serviced in last 1-2 years, SK duct cleaning would strongly recommend to get your duct unit serviced urgently.
  12. Duct Repair, service and Cleaning
  13. Duct Deodorizing & Sensitizing
  14. Final Duct Inspection by the home owner

Duct Cleaning

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