Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Completely Hygienic Cleaning Solution

SK Cleaning Services is a family owned and operates company.  We specialize in excellence services for all kind and sizes. We are the commercial, Residential Professional Cleaning Services company you require for your office, business or home.

Environmentally safe practices, procedures and products. Honest, reliable, and security-minded people to keep your property safe as we do our work. 

Each facility we maintain is regularly inspected by a expert manager.  His presences guarantee that the established duties and responsibilities are carried out and provide a fresh insight of facility conditions. Their expectations exceed those of contract specifications. Clients are met with on a regular basis to ensure their satisfaction. SK Cleaning Services is constantly aware of client needs and will address their concerns immediately.

The safety and security of your businesses is one of our top priorities.  All of our employees are carefully screened before they are allowed to enter your facility.  Security is further enhanced by our high liability requirements.  All employees undergo a series of training sessions, these ensure our employees understand. SK Cleaning Services work and safety standards. 

SK Cleaning Services offers a Professional Cleaning Services we focus on customer appreciation, our staff possess the attitude, desire and determination to maintain the superior quality of  Spring Cleaning your Facilities or home.

We are completely committed to delivering quality, care, and consideration with every service call. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, just give us a call within 24 hours of your service, and we will gladly return to fix or clean the item in question.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

How To Remove Fruit Juice Stain From Carpet

There has been an accident in your home and now you need to clean the carpet because fruit juice has been spilled on it, either because your children are naughty or because the clumsiness of your hands attacked you, you don't need to bother or think that you only have to get rid of your Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne.

Just follow these recommendations to remove that annoying stain that is so strenuously disrupting the homogeneity and health of your living room, bedroom or wherever the stained carpet is located.


While fruit juices such as orange, strawberry or blackberry are delicious and super nutritious for the body, when these accidents occur caused by naughty children or clumsiness of the moment, the most endangered items will always be our beloved and generally expensive carpets.

So when once the event occurs, it's time to take immediate action; since it can't be difficult, because the sooner we get rid of that annoying stain on the carpet, the simpler it will be and the more effective it will be for the carpet cleaning procedure.

The first thing we should do is to clean the fruit liquid from our stained carpet to prevent any future attempt to make the matter worse. It is then recommended that a little warm water be sprinkled on the affected area (and the "little" should be highlighted here).

The reason why only a little hot water is used is so as not to cause the stain to spread and the Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne  process does not become a complete loss of a carpet and you no longer have to worry that with the process of washing the carpet it is not serious depending on the stain the carpet is dirty with.

Once this is done, the excess liquid is absorbed with an absorbent towel or paper towel or napkin, if even after this is visible the stain caused by the fruit juice should proceed to the "heavy weaponry", ie cleaning products.

There are a lot of carpet cleaning products on the market that are specifically made for each type of fiber they are made with, so finding the right one requires reading the labels of each one well.
However, it is always necessary to be careful when applying any solution to our carpets, so it is recommended that you first spray a little of it on a small, inconspicuous area of your carpet, either in a corner or in a small corner.

When it has been proven that the product does not damage the mat by itself, it should be proceeded with the same caution, always bearing in mind not to aggravate the situation of the carpet stained with fruit juice, applying little by little the product purchased and never squeezing the affected area, but rather making spiral movements from the outside to the center, always removing excess liquid to avoid spreading the problem.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Tips For Cleaning Window Curtains

Windows are a fundamental part of the facade of our homes, businesses and offices, so it is important to remember the importance of cleanliness in our homes.

A number of methods can be found for successful cleaning of window curtains, although the simplest and sometimes even the most recommended would be to contact an agency of your choice to perform these complete window curtain maintenance services.

Tidy window curtains showcase your lifestyle

            To maintain a cleanliness in the window curtains, it is recommended that a surface cleaning be carried out daily to avoid accumulation of dust particles and excessive dirt, generally this can be done with a duster or better still with a cloth that is clean but moistened with a cleaning product with the fragrance of your choice diluted in water.

            Many people express their dissatisfaction with performing this part of the cleaning, as window curtains are usually large and the effort of one person alone, along with their dedication, is not enough to perform the Local Curtain Steam/Dry Cleaning Company in a satisfactory manner.

            Always remembering and limiting that the cleaning of the window curtains must be done taking into account the material of the same ones since the window curtains can be made of other materials apart from the classic ones of fabric and cotton.

            With a lot of recurrence there are cases where the cleaning of the curtains and blinds inside the home is hindered, therefore agencies and companies with professional personnel in a window curtain cleaning service are found, who have realized that it is not an easy task to perform such maintenance, for these reasons these professionals are placed at the disposal of the entire population to ensure the hygiene of their curtains.

            If a simple daily cleaning is performed on window curtains, it will not be necessary to carry out a constant deep maintenance, that is to say that this superficial maintenance can be carried out using the vacuum cleaner with a power not too strong to remove dirt and dust that is attached to the curtain, in these times it is possible to use the technology of steam cleaning, this technology is available to our housewives who have considerably facilitated the Curtain Mould Removal Treatment.

            It is important to remember that the use of the iron is not recommended for curtains in these times, since most of them are not properly made of fabric, but of nylon, vinyl, or some other microfiber that can be detached as soon as you make a momentary time in the heat.

Cleaning window curtains with innovating equipment in cleaning technology, such as special microfiber vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners that guarantee cleaning without having to remove the curtains from their original place.

Now that you know the importance of keeping your window curtains clean, you must make a plan to keep your curtains properly clean, since this can affect the health of your family member and yours, and will also make your home more elegant.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

How To Choose A Tile and Grout Cleaning Company

How many times have you thought about how would your tiles look if they were cleaned by a professional?
Despite the effort you put into keeping your home or business in good repair, tiles often don't look the way you want them to and you'll need valuable time to make them look clean and shiny, like the first time. No matter how much you think about it, it is sometimes preferable to hire a tilt and grout cleaning company, as it will bring you more benefit in the long run
       Once you decide to hire a tilt and grout cleaning company for your home or office, you should consider several important factors that make it clear that your choice is the right one. The first thing to do is to find several companies that offer the services you are looking for and contact them one at a time, either in person or by phone.
Once contacted, SK Tile and Grout Cleaning Service providers MUST ask you all the questions you need to clarify according to your needs.
            Before choosing the company to hire you must ensure that it has a good reputation in the marketplace; the company must be reliable, flexible and affordable. You can get this type of information through the recommendation of some customers or by checking on sites about the performance of the company in previous jobs. It is important to interview professionals and check their references, market experience and flexibility in their schedules.
            The cleaning of tiles and groutes can become a headache especially when the
grooves are already blackened and the tiles have lost their shine, for this reason, hiring a washing company for these may be the best choice; this type of experienced company knows the right type of product for each type of material you want to clean ensuring that it does not deteriorate over time.
            If you are one of the people who are concerned about the type of products that damage the environment, you should make sure that the
tilt and grout cleaning company haspolicies in place in the use of natural and biodegradable products, this in addition to helping in the conservation of the environment, guarantees that your home is being treated with non-toxic agents, which can affect the health of your family including your pets.
            CLEANING TILES AND GROUTING, in a profound way, costs us more because we must invest more time and effort. On a routine cleaning day we only make sure to use a mop to remove dust and dirt from the surface, so we should consider hiring a specialized company to help us.
Some companies recommend that this type of cleaning be done every 12 months, so the investment would be once a year, so that you do not have to maintain your tiles the rest of the year. Take your forecasts and save a lot of money.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Air Conditioning Duct Repair is a Minor Fix For a Major Problem

For a large portion of us, winter is the time when we expect higher gas bills and summer is the time when we expect higher electric bills, particularly on the off chance that we cool our homes or structures with constrained air. 

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you abruptly end up paying a few times more for electric than you did in past summers, it won't not need to do with the outside temperature or your Duct Installations Servicing; it could need to do with defective ventilation work. 
Dissimilar to other aerating and Duct retain pipes repair & replacement, ventilation work doesn't have motorized parts and is hence infrequently thought of by home or building proprietors to be the wellspring of their higher summer electric bills.

 In any case, ventilation work can surely experience the ill effects of a few issues that make it harder to cool your home or developing and in this way drive your electric bill.

With the end goal for ventilation work to work legitimately, it needs to remain firmly fixed so the full gaseous tension that is made by your air handler unit achieves your out streaming air vents. 

At the point when ventilation work doesn't remain legitimately fixed, pneumatic stress can become mixed up in roofs, dividers and floors as it goes toward out streaming air vents, bringing about a milder cooling impact that leaves spaces feeling lukewarm rather than cool.
 In such cases, home and building proprietors generally wrench up their AC to a larger amount to get the ideal cooling impact, and that is the point at which the colossal electric bills begin arriving, the best segment of which result from the way that an aeration and Duct Cleaning Specialists is continually attempting to cool a home or a working to a temperature that is never accomplished by the indoor regulator setting.

In the event that you locate your self setting your indoor regulator at 60 degrees to accomplish a coolness of 70 degrees or something like that, the best thought is to call an aerating and cooling support benefit and have them lead a free review of the issue before your electric bills gain out of power.

 Not at all like supplanting an air handler or purchasing another focal ventilating unit, repairing and fixing ventilation work is by and large a cheap fix to a noteworthy issue. Notwithstanding accepting the cooling abilities that you require, it's likewise essential to have an expert perform aerating and cooling pipe repair to keep your ventilation system from working harder than it should, which could make it destroy before it satisfies its anticipated life expectancy.
On the off chance that you can't quickly manage the cost of the repair cost for your ventilation work, most aerating and cooling upkeep suppliers that offer ventilating channel repair can furnish you with low enthusiasm financing choices. Ducted Heating & Evaporative Cooler Cleaning across Melbourne.

 In any case, before you pick an organization, dependably complete a bit of checking to ensure that your getting an organization that finishes its work on time and satisfies its publicizing. To examine an organization's history of consumer loyalty, reaching the Better Business Bureau is a shrewd decision.

Furthermore, you should just contract an organization that is authorized, reinforced and guaranteed to both safeguard the nature of the work to be performed and protect that the organization can pay harms if something turns out badly.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Damaged Carpet – Tips For Improve Your Damage carpet

One of the issues that the Sk Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne experts regularly experience is that of sun harmed carpet. The harm is caused by bright radiation which is discharged from the sun and from glaring lights.  

Sun harm or UV harm is most noticeable when furniture is moved. In the event that furniture has been in a similar place for some time, the sun and activity on the carpet will blur and harm the zone around the furniture.  

At the point when the furniture is moved, this harm and blurring can be all the more obviously observed. This is on account of you can see the undamaged part of carpet that has been under the furniture and it shows up as it was the point at which it was new.  

This blurring and wearing from daylight and activity are here and there stunning to see. Presentation to coordinate sun can really "prepare" the fiber, fragile it and make it disintegrate. Following quite a while of besieging daylight, the carpet fiber will surrender to the carpet  important tips.

This is the reason you may at times observe beat up carpet before sliding glass entryways. It's not simply from movement – it's been disintegrated by the sun.  

It is essential to comprehend that lamentably, no measure of carpet cleaning can repair sun or UV harm.


Limit coordinate daylight by utilizing blinds, net draperies or sun oriented tinting on your windows. The less daylight introduction the less blurring that will happen. This isn't generally feasible or even attractive however, as a large portion of us like a light and vaporous inside.  

Frequently change the impression of your furniture design. Offer the heap in a manner of speaking. Move your furniture around with the goal that the harm isn't gathered in one spot and it hence turns out to be less obvious.  

Utilize mats in high rush hour gridlock zones that are presented to daylight to secure the carpet underneath.  
These are things that we don't consider doing however they will build the life span of your carpet in the long haul.  


 1. Carpet fixing – it is conceivable to have an expert carpet layer fix your carpet utilizing off cuts.  

 2. Shading repair and rebuilding – it is likewise conceivable to have your floor carpet redyed giving the carpet fiber has held its uprightness. On the off chance that the fiber has been exhausted it might never again have the ability to hold the color. There are expert shading restorers that you can contact in the event that you wish to endeavor this fix.  

Consistent expert cleaning by Sk Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne will enable the carpet to keep up the trustworthiness of its filaments and reestablish the carpet's unique concoction adjust. Try not to underestimate your floor carpet

They are a costly interest in your home and ought to be appropriately kept up so they hold their esteem, stay spotless and solid and proceed to look and can rest easy.